COG Contest 2004
Meet the Veeps


That's right, the job described as "not worth a bucket of warm spit" is our mission. In fact, we had to find at least 20 of them; photograph them with your official rally flag- just to be considered a finisher. Not easy work. First, you have to find a list of veeps. Here's the list we worked from (the abbreviation behind each one links to the photo we took in that state):

1 John Adams (F)2 1789–1797 PA 2 Thomas Jefferson (DR) 1797–1801 IN MD WV 3 Aaron Burr (DR) 1801–1805
4 George Clinton (DR)3 1805–1812 IN 5 Elbridge Gerry (DR)3 1813–1814 NY 6 Daniel D. Tompkins (DR) 1817–1825
7 John C. Calhoun 1825–1832 8 Martin Van Buren (D) 1833–1837 9 Richard M. Johnson (D) 1837–1841
10 John Tyler (W)5 1841 11 George M. Dallas (D) 1845–1849 12 Millard Fillmore (W)5 1849–1850
13 William R. King (D)3 1853 PA 14 John C. Breckinridge (D) 1857–1861 15 Hannibal Hamlin (R) 1861–1865
16 Andrew Johnson (U)5 1865 17 Schuyler Colfax (R) 1869–1873 IN WV 18 Henry Wilson (R)3 1873–1875
19 William A. Wheeler (R) 1877–1881 20 Chester A. Arthur (R)5 1881 WV 21 Thomas A. Hendricks (D)3 1885 WV
22 Levi P. Morton (R) 1889–1893 23 Adlai E. Stevenson (D) 1893–1897 MD 24 Garrett A. Hobart (R)3 1897–1899
25 Theodore Roosevelt (R)5 1901 26 Charles W. Fairbanks (R) 1905–1909 IN 27 James S. Sherman (R)3 1909–1912 WV
28 Thomas R. Marshall (D) 1913–1921MI1 MI2 VA 29 Calvin Coolidge (R)5 1921–1923 30 Charles G. Dawes (R) 1925–1929 WV
31 Charles Curtis (R) 1929–1933 32 John N. Garner (D) 1933–1941 33 Henry A. Wallace (D) 1941–1945 IN
34 Harry S. Truman (D)5 1945 35 Alben W. Barkley (D) 1949–1953 36 Richard M. Nixon (R) 1953-1961
37 Lyndon B. Johnson (D)5 1961–1963 38 Hubert H. Humphrey (D) 1965–1969 39 Spiro T. Agnew (R)6 1969–1973
40 Gerald R. Ford (R)7 1973–1974 WV 41 Nelson A. Rockefeller (R)8 1974–1977 42 Walter F. Mondale (D) 1977–1981
43 George Bush (R) 1981–1989 VA 44 J. Danforth Quayle (R) 1989–1993 45 Albert A. Gore, Jr. (D) 1993–2001 WV
46 Richard B. Cheney (R) 2001–    

Dayam, that's a lot of dead white men. Now the fun part- plotting them all. Street Atlas to the rescue which produced this file. tasty. We were also allowed to get other items- we tried to stay on the Veep theme and got Pres/Veep related items.

Colfax Fire Station
Marker- Bush Delcaration
Marker- Glen Ferris
Marker- MD memorial at Gettysburg
Marker- Monroe's Birth Place
Marker- Washington's Mom's Birth Place
National Historic Site- The Eisenhower Farm
National Historic Site- Washington's Birth Place
National Park- Gettysburg
Other- Arthur General Store
President- Washington WV
School- Adams
State Park- Buchanan's Birth Place

We're not real sure how this will stack up against fellow COG riders, but we gave it a shot- visited 9 states with successful locations and another half dozen states & provinces that didnt pan out.