First- a good place to put notes or a map

The new wings lack a place for a map or notes; the only drawback so far. I mounted a RAM 1" ball to the top of the dashboard just behind the windscreen. I found a 5x7 plastic clipboard, another 1" ball, toss in a medium RAM arm and presto- instant map/note holder.

Next- Install A Hitch

We installed a vertical hitch. Advantages- it disappears when the draw bar is disconnected; you can almost get the rear wheel out when on the centerstand. Drawbacks- none of the regular receiver toys fit. Solution- build a converter.

Going from: To:

I bribed Joel Davidson to make the basic converter; he just got a new plasma welder and needed projects to play with it. Fabulous, the next problem is how to make it pretty. Aha, Cuz Jim in West Virginia got himself a new powder coating set-up and needs to test it out on stuff- viola.

OK, here are the basics- hitch assembly - converter unmounted. Total investment a 6-pack of brewskis, a qt of powder coating paint and about $10.

Unscheduled Mods

In 2004, Jean and I compled the TC 90 on the way to the COG National Rally in Washington. On the route home, we went out of our way (just a bit) to ride Lolo Pass. We had crossed Lolo Pass in 1992 while working on the Lewis and Clark Trail; after crossing, we decided if we ever come back this way on a motorcycle, we have to do it. Leaving Lewiston, we got stuck in a long line of traffic queued behind a slow moving mini-van. Eventually, the line whittled down to ourselves, a semi-chip truck and the turtle with a even longer line behind us. As a short passing zone opened up, I waited for the semi to make his pass; when he didnt, we made our attempt. I call it an "attempt" since we never really completed the pass.

Below are the resulting carnage from semi meeting goldwing at 60mph. We walked away without a scratch- the bike took the bulk of the damage (my jacket took some and my elbow caught the tailgate frame).